Michael and Bryan are back and glad to be discussing Age of Sigmar again.

In this episode we discuss the following:

Hobby and Gaming
We each discuss our current hobby including, painting, conversions, reading, and movies.
Michael touches on the new game Gorechosen and what a good value it is, especially if you are Khorne collector.
We both discuss a battle or two that we have participated in the past few weeks, although I can't really qualify the discussion as true battle report, we had a great time reliving the games.

Finally, we discuss our local Slow Grow League and the our successful use of the Ladder System.
Michael touches on his plans to expand the League into a more narrative style as the points values increase, and we discuss our plans for our armies in the new league.  It takes a bit of prodding but Michael finally gets Bryan to commit to a single army for the league.

As you can see the content is a bit random this episode but we just had a great time getting together to discuss Age of Sigmar again.

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